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Burn Down The Charade
Mesa, AZ
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Mesa, AZ

Burn Down the Charade is more than a name: it’s a way of life. Just as the name states, Daniel Smith and Sean Herring strive to speak honest truths about life and connect with their listeners through the symbolic testimonies that are their songs. One or two word catch phrases can’t begin to describe the tremendous sound that flows through these two like a strong current. If you take the attitude from the band “Manchester Orchestra” and marry it with the atmospherics of “Kid Cudi”, then you still have a long way to go as far as determining the sound of Burn Down the Charade. These two indie rockers are plotting their own path while creating meaningful and inspirational music that connects with people of all ages and fans across a broad spectrum of genres. The sounds of Burn Down the Charade envelope their listeners into a world of their own and preach that being a part of something larger than oneself is not an obligation, but a choice and adventure that they are now living.

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