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Wichita, KS
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Wichita, KS
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Everyone at the first Shyner gig (August 2009, Wichita, KS) knew that something special had just hit the scene. Following through on the promise of that first gig, Shyner has consistently delivered melodic, high energy rock & roll performances. Carving out a niche in the mid-West bar and club circuit, Shyner set themselves apart from the pack by focusing on a modern hard rock sound with soaring melodies and thoughtful lyrics. Shyner has had the good fortune to play some great venues and share the stage with some amazing bands. Groups such as Saving Abel, Saliva, Blacklight District, Ratt, Jackyl, Texas Hippie Coalition, One-Eyed Doll, and Faster Pussycat have all praised the professionalism and performance Shyner brings to the stage. Shyner’s original music features soaring vocal melodies, aggressive and melodic guitars backed up by a powerhouse modern rock rhythm section. Shyner is the sum of all its parts and Mike Allen, (bass) Brandon Dingler, (vocals) Nick Engle, (drums) and Jeff Kay (guitar) all bring different strengths to the band. Together Mike and Nick (both formerly of BarrelBright) create a solid foundation for Jeff’s powerful riffs and Brandon’s memorable lyrics and melodies to shine. From the moment they take the stage, until the amps go off, Shyner delivers an engaging, high-energy performance that keeps the audience singing, dancing, and coming back for more!

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