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Katie Cashman
Nashville, TN
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Nashville, TN

Born in Tokyo, Japan on April 1 1992 to Christine & Jeff Cashman. Japan does not allow dual citizenship if you are not a first generation Japanese, so Katie had to wait two weeks for her US citizenship. At the age of two, Katie moved from Tokyo to Atlanta where she grew up with two loving parents as the the middle of three daughters. The three girls had severe allergies in one form or another with one of the most prevalent symptoms being upper respiratory inflammation in the form of bronchitis and croup. Her father would inevitably turn on the hot shower where they would inhale the steam to help loosen the cough and effectively clear the lungs.

Katie was quiet and introverted as a child, always observing and keenly aware. At the age of eight, Katie began showing great interest in her health when her pediatrician told her mother she was obese and was diagnosed with ADD, APD (Audio Processing Disorder) and Cold Urticaria. Over the next few years Katie began to focus more on her diet and began to question how the body reacted not only with different foods but with the environment around her. For the rest of her time at home she was swimming six to nine times a week for over eleven years and excelling in all the distance swimming events. During her high school lunch period she would go to the library to finish her homework or immerse herself in better understanding the health and wellness of the body.

In the summer of 2010, Katie moved to Nashville, TN to work an internship at Red Vinyl, Gallimore’s publishing company. That fall she attended Belmont University. After completing her freshman year of college she decided to solely focus on her songwriting. She continued to intern for Red Vinyl. During this period of time she also created her first EP, All I See Is You.
In the summer of 2013, Katie trained 400 hours with SidYoga Teacher Training in Nashville and Baltimore as a Bikram Yoga Instructor, while working for Nashville Paddle Company where her interest in SUP yoga grew and integrated her yoga with paddle boarding.

Since moving to Nashville Katie’s allergies became worse - specifically impacting her voice. Taking decongestants and antihistamines helped alleviate the allergies, but would leave her vocal chords dry. It became hard to sing. She saw many doctors who recommended having multiple procedures after suffering from chronic ear infections and laryngitis to post nasal drip. However, the procedures ceased to help.

In the winter of 2014 Katie looked for a holistic approach to help clear her lungs of congestion. She wanted to find a portable humidifier, but no such device existed. She began her research focusing on a person’s “breath print” and the market for mobile misting devices. Her research was clear. The market for mobile holistic products is huge. Specifically, the mobile misting device market. Her research revealed that similar markets such as; essential oils ($11B by 2022), Wearable Medical Devices($27B by 2022) and the vape/e-cig ($50B by 2025) are significant and growing quickly.

In 2015, Katie founded uLiv, an innovative wellness brand. She has filed three patents and five trademarks around her unique and creative engineering design for uLiv’s first product uBreath. uBreath is a cutting edge misting device with seed to seal protected ampules and breath detection software. Initially uLiv will offer eight unique holistic remedies to address ailments such as allergies, stress, insomnia, anxiety and few others. The remedies will be offered through the uThrive membership platform. The uThrive membership platform is a marketplace for the uLiv community to share wellness ideas, to better understand the holistic remedies, how to use the remedies and to provide a fast and easy way to reorder.

The uBreath device, remedies and uThrive membership platform is targeted to launch in June of 2016.

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