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JC & Laney
Mesa, AZ
Mesa, AZ
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The logo for the duo, JC & Laney reads, “Heart ‘n’ Soul & Rock ‘n’ Roll.” That’s the perfect summary for this dynamic Americana duo who perform their own brand of original music at festivals, theaters, house concerts, and their summer residency show in Williams, AZ over 100 times a year.

First and foremost, they are entertainers best known for their charming banter, and songs that ride the road back to pure roots, and run the gamut between folk, blues, pop, rock, and satire.

They deliver their songs accompanied by a solitary acoustic guitar, and have a catalog of 80+ original compositions that can be performed at a concert hall, your back porch, or anywhere in between.

JC & Laney shows are filled with banter, signature vocals that reach into your soul, and unique rhythmic guitar strums with running bass lines and counter melodies that are often mistaken for two guitars. You will find yourself hearing with your ears, feeling with your heart and soul, and never forgetting!

You can hear them on Spotify, iHeart, Pandora, NPR, Soundcloud, and dozens of other internet radio station and indie music showcases.

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