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Kayla Briët
Cypress, CA
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Cypress, CA

Kayla Briët is a 19 year old self-taught, award-winning filmmaker, composer, songwriter, musician, and producer. She performs live music using a loop pedal and multiple instruments (piano, synth, guitar, Chinese guzheng zither), creating music with the audience and singing original songs with resonating lyrics. Drawing from the orchestral, cinematic as well as the electronic, alternative, Briët self-produces, performs, and composes all of her own music and has done so since age 11. Her music aims to unite audiences of all worlds and ages by telling empowering stories of self-exploration and acceptance.

Her short films have taken her to the White House for the First-Ever White House Film Festival, where she was invited to meet President Barack Obama, as well as to NYC, Chicago, Seattle, and Los Angeles for awards and film festival screenings. Her work in education and science has been awarded by organizations like ACS, FASEB, and ProjectED.

She is a 2015 Future of Storytelling Fellow and 2016 National Young Arts Finalist in the Cinematic Arts, has released multiple singles on iTunes and Spotify, and will never stop creating with purpose.

"It doesn't matter where you're from, it's what you do." -Kayla Briët

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