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Kevin Dozier
Atlanta , GA
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Atlanta , GA

Born in Manhattan, NY, on September 28, 1986, Kevin Dozier is a true diamond in the rough. Currently residing in Atlanta, GA, Kevin makes moves, building a solid fanbase within the world wide through a pure and smooth sound, composed of his heart's firm integrity and honest lyrics.
Upon his honorable departure from the military, only one path was certain for Kevin Dozier, entertainment. He began recording in 2005 and was groomed by Stan and Latrenda McFail of SLM Productions in Dallas, TX. Well versed in the teachings of Motown, Kevin Dozier was well conditioned for any studio or stage. Kevin Dozier has landed major opportunities, managing to excel in his craft as an artist. Such notable accomplishments include major press and news features as well as opening for celebrity acts such as Grammy Nominee, Fantasia Barrino, Silk and Urban Mystic. Kevin Dozier has also headlined city wide tribute concerts with thousands in attendance, honoring music industry legends such as the late "King of Pop," Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston. He was also named Rising Star Magazine's 2013 R&B artist of the year.
Poised through years of consistent vocal training, grooming and influencing from key music industry personalities, his sound reflects a smooth refined tone. Coupled with a blend of melodic harmonies to compliment diverse pallets of proffered sound from all ages, young to old, he shows a true respect for the old school. This is further shown through beautiful delivery of a solid story.
Kevin Dozier aims to please. Both his musical and publicist resume can only be rivaled by his humility. He is a true professional and a pleasure both inside and outside the studio. The sky is the limit for his talents as he continues to grow into the superstar he is destined to become. There is nowhere to go but up.

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