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Everyone please excuse the music that's not what I loaded from my soundcloud, it's an era thru soundcloud , so please check out the video. My name is Legynd ([lej-uh nd]), born October 28, 1983, Charles Marcus Anthony Jones Jr., In Hollywood, Ca. Legynd later moved to Atlanta , Ga., where he now resides. He is currently working on his Debut Album entitled “L.O.L” Life of Legynd. Legynd was raised in a God fearing home by his loving grandmother Katherine Stewart. She instilled high morals and values in Legynd, which he vows to carry for the rest of his life.
Legynd always had a passion for music and the performing arts. At the young age of 5 years old, he began to demonstrate his talents. He started modeling with “Yasha Models of Atlanta", for shows such as "The Annual March of Dimes for Healthier Babies” Fashion Show Extravaganza. He also performed at various fundraisers such as, The Department of Family and Children Services, BellSouth Junior Achievement, Northlake Mall Atlanta Georgia, (special event programs), and many more highly profiled shows. During his career as a model, he became captivated with watching Michael Jackson videos and concerts. Legynd was persistence in his quest to emulate every move and every beat of his idol, “Michael Jackson”. At that moment in time, Ms. Yasha of “Yasha Models of Atlanta”, allowed him to perform at one of the company’s fashion show productions. He was immediately recognized as a person with “star qualities”.
As Legynd matured, he started participating in multiple talent shows and earned the name “Baby MJ”. He began to study performing arts, more so as a dancer. His desire to become a dancer became an urgent need to study the best dancers of his former and current era. Legynd began watching performances by mega entertainers such as, Prince, Bobbi Brown, Ginuwine, and Usher. He studied and emulated dance moves from, blockbuster movies such as, Breakin’, Moonwalker and, etc. He fused all of their moves and elements, which gave rise to Legynd as a unique prodigy. Coming from a bloodline of musical prodigies, (on both sides of his family) Legynd was destined to inherit his bloodlines’ gifts. His grandfather (his fathers’ father) “Ollie Ray Jones” was a member of, “The Platters” who were one of the most successful vocal groups of the early rock and roll era. His late mothers', mother known as “Kitty”, was a local Chicago, Il., blues singer, and Rock-n-Roll (Hall of Fame) “Little Richard” who contributed significantly to the early development of “soul music” is Legynds’ cousin. With such a musical legacy implanted in his genes and knowing that he possessed these gifts to dance and perform Legynd decided he would utilize his bloodline gifts at take up singing. His decision to sing landed him with some of the most talented songwriters and producers. Legynd found a remarkable chemistry between him and Singer/songwriter “Fedarro”. Fedarro composed Legynds’ hit single entitled, “Do it On Her” & "Show Me Love". In the words of Legynd, “It's been uphill since”. Legynd made music history by performing his single as an opening act for the original members of “Parliament” know by the world as “P-Funk Connection”. The artist known as “Legynd” without a doubt earns this name as he derives from ancestors of the most successful entertainers the world has ever known. Now the world has “Legynd” who will carry the torch to the next generation.

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