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Dallas, TX
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Dallas, TX

Darik was born at the tail end of 1989 in North Texas. For most of his younger life, he spent a great amount of time in church. Because of this, his music, although categorized as Pop, tends to have a faith based undertone. During his middle school and high school years, Darik only sang in the privacy of his home, never telling anyone, even his close friends, that he enjoyed singing. It was discovered during his junior year of high school that his passion for singing would come to the forefront. Martin High School, the school he graduated from, held an annual singing competition. There, he competed against the singers who are known today as Pentatonix. Because Darik had never had any training, formal or informal, in music, he hesitated sharing original songs with any audience.

After the competition, Darik began posting his original music, along with cover songs, to his Myspace under the stage name Ivan Cali. From there he received attention from many people wanting to hear more. In 2008, Darik created 4 separate outlets for English, Spanish, Korean, and Japanese songs. To his astonishment, the Japanese received the most views and commentary from fans; it remains that Darik's most popular songs are written in recorded in Japanese. From 2007 until 2011, Darik released 3 original albums and 7 compilation albums in multiple languages. In between that time, he released 12 mini albums which ranged from original to cover songs.

In 2012, Darik began focusing on his Korean and Japanese music. This time, he would drop his stage name and begin releasing music under the name, Darik. Having released many English language songs, his Japanese and Korean songs seemed to acquire more attention from the public. But, in 2013, Darik made his foray back to the American audience with more cover songs posted online in video formats. In 2014, he released his 4th album, Reverie. For Japanese and Korean fans, he re-recorded some of the songs in each respective language. He also created a special original single for Japanese fans, "Azura (Atsura)." For 2016, Darik plans to hold live singing events for his 2015 album "Eliot Vol 1", which will be the first volume in a series of albums to follow.
For almost decade, Darik has created all photos, produced and written all of his original songs, recorded all his videos, and promoted alone. However, by doing everything for his career, fans can guarantee that they are always getting 100% of Darik in everything he releases.

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