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Melissa Ramski
Nashville, TN
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Nashville, TN
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Melissa Ramski, a country music artist.
It all began, in fourth grade that's when she knew she wanted to be a country singer. She began singing in school events, choirs, fairs, talent shows, and her friend’s backyard BBQs. Beginning in her early teens, Melissa was asked to audition at major events, which led to touring and performing at shows in Kansas, Oklahoma City, Texas, Colorado, and North Carolina. In a short few years, with the support of her parents, she was traveling throughout the United States competing in Colgate Country Show Down and Wilmore Opry in Medicine Lodge Kansas, Oklahoma City Opry, and so many more.
She started recording original music in Southwest Kansas since her high school days (2007). She wrote her songs by entering them in her cell phone for safe keeping, and later composing them when time allowed. Having friends with full music studios in Kansas, Oklahoma she be able to record her songs so she could share them and send them to local contest or radio stations. Melissa had a very hectic schedule in high school but nothing kept her from performing, then in (2009) moved to Tennessee with even a greater passion for writing and performing, and keeping her dream alive

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