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Atlanta, GA
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Atlanta, GA
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B. Divine, an Atlanta native, is an eclectic artist that musically touches every ear he encounters. He is known for a creative R &B and Jazz sound that started from his early days of being involved with music and the arts. While at Columbia College Chicago, B. Divine found his place in the music industry while simultaneously interning at Universal Music Group Publishing in Nashville, TN.
“I’ve always had musical influences in my life, but it wasn’t until late that I taped into my gift of singing, songwriting, and producing” says, B. Divine.
His management team has illuminated his talents with a tour focus in the Southeast region. From television placement to national festivals, B. Divine has also graced his talents through various mediums such as, YouTube short films and network television commercials.
B.Divine's seamless and original sounds of R&B/Pop are forever present in his first project, "Podium: No Questions." Podium: No Questions, represents B.Divine showcasing his voice to the world on the “podium” of life. The counterpart “No Questions” focuses on the audience and how it allows them to digest the music for what it is without any questioning his character musical journey.
“I went to a different place, I taped into a new part of my artistry” says, B. Divine.

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