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Marie Parie
Hollywood , CA
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Hollywood , CA
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A bold, daring, sweetly infectious follow-up to “Dating c’est Toc,” whose fiery clip was

a sensation on French TV MCM in 2014, and on Pandora "American Radio station" the quickly emerging, Parisian born, L.A. based

powerhouse’s hot new track and video is the first of three on tap for a Fall 2015 release, bundled

as a standalone EP in anticipation of her highly anticipated full length set Blue Kiss.

A performer, songwriter and recording artist, Marie Parie – who released her debut album Alien Victory in 2013

- considers herself an “artistic alien” as she discovers new ways to explore and integrate

elements of both French and American culture. She describes “Ice Cream” as “a very funny

playful track to distract people from their day to day problems and get them to play with life as if

they were children.”

Since performing shows in Tokyo and Hong Kong in 2012, Marie has forged a special

connection with the Asian culture and her fans on that continent. She even integrates Japanese

manga cartoon art in her videos; it plays a prominent, eye-popping visual role especially in the

video for the high energy, synth- driven dance/pop track “21.”

The lone ballad on the Blue Kiss teaser EP is the hypnotic and haunting “Round &

Round,” which lyrically and musically taps into a deeper side of Marie’s vast artistry. The song

and its artsy, highly metaphoric video reflect the singer’s ability to release the painful demons

she carried with her for years after a painful childhood.

Marie insists that she doesn’t write songs for herself but for the world to experience and

enjoy. She has found over the years that music helped connect her to people, and found it

amazing that she was able to help people of all ages, including teenagers, overcome their fears

and insecurities.

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