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Zenas "Shinzou" Jones
Plantation, FL
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Plantation, FL

Born and Raised within the land that is Broward County, Florida, Zenas Jones AKA Shinzou brings to listeners a style of R&B that can be described as a concoction of the emotion of the 90s era, but the dark honesty of lust, love, and heartbreak. His songs are moments within his life that are both happy and dark, but the beauty behind it is how listeners can sit and say "I felt this sometime in my life, he's speaking to me". Influenced by Old School artists including Musiq Soulchild, Dave Holister, and Anthony Hamilton yet inspired by artists of the New School including The Weeknd, Frank Ocean, and BANKS, Shinzou brings to you a sound that will truly be the most honest and intimate.

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