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Becka Pimenta
New York City, NY
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New York City, NY
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An accomplished and sought-after songwriter, Becka has been nurturing her writing talents since childhood (which she longingly describes with her heartfelt vocal style in ‘Hands’). Possessing an early gift for songwriting, she learned quickly to work out melodies and arrangements on the piano and acoustic guitar.
Born in Emsworth, a small fishing village on the South coast of England, Becka lived in the same house her entire life. ‘This is the house that I’ve known’ she sings in the new song, the very same house built by her ‘father’s hands’ – a line which she faithfully returns to in the song’s beautifully delivered chorus. The youngest of four children and the only girl in the family, music became her closest friend while growing up. Her brothers, mother and father have been a source of inspiration throughout her life. “When I was a kid my older brother started piano lessons, so naturally I wanted to play too! I fell in love with it, and that began my love affair with songwriting,” she says.
Recognized initially as a natural songsmith, Becka gained international attention in 2008 at the age of 17 with her powerful song “Concrete Blocks." The track landed her in the Top 50 of the 2013 Grammy Gig of a Lifetime campaign, with multiple UK music supervisors knocking on her door to license more material. In 2010, NPR featured her among their list of notable women musicians.

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