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Hyper Fury
Memphis, TN
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Memphis, TN
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Hyper fury produces a tight, fast, more technical sound, with melodies, grooves, soaring leads, and tight destructive low end by the bass guitar. These well written sounds are put together and nurtured until they are destined to infest your mind. A tight rhythm by the drums ,and a vocalist with a beautiful voice top off the energy that is Hyper Fury. The band has truly grew to full potential since arriving to the time 2015 when it all started. Now the band is hard at work recording a better updated professional sound, and playing shows for the Memphis regional area. Hoping to update their image and sound so that the band can truly take the world by storm. Please stay tuned and check back often for updated material, and show dates.

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Amber King -Vocals
Chris Thornton- Lead Guitar
Andrew Smothers- Bass Guitar / Backing Vocals
Chris McCoy- Drums

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