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Texas Crossing
Rockport, TX
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Rockport, TX
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From the hills, to the beaches and everywhere in between this award winning Texas duo can be seen rockin the stages of honkytonks bars and parties everywhere in between. Texas country in its most unadulterated form with male and female vocals that will want to make you sing along and dance all night long!

We are a Texas local band that unlike most artists, we do not seek fortune or fame; just our spot in the world. We are not a part of this “Bubble Gum” or “Bro Country” trends, we are a mix between traditional styled country, mixed in with a little modern sound... That is why we are the first in our genre; Crossroads Country.

It is our mission to bring back that old fashion country music with a modern twist of course! Along in our mission, we have touched the lives of many people. We are now sponsored by; American Gypsy Tattoo, Naked Eye Permanent Cosmetics, Bodacious Boots, The Pretty Pistol and Lone Star Beer. Tiffany is actually the first female ever to be sponsored by Lone Star Beer!!

On July 29, 2014 we were officially welcomed into the Songwriters Across Texas family forever being now on their “Wall of Fame”!! The two songs we recorded on CW Austin with over 28,000 viewer and in 40 languages, and are available for viewing off their website as well as the edited clips that we have provided on our pages!

On March 20, 2015 we played at the Gatesville Country Music Hall of Fame and earned our spot on their wall as well as awards for band of the month, honorary members as well as each band member receiving an award for their particular abilities.

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