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RIchmond, VA
RIchmond, VA
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You are listening to 'Contagious' by SCORIA from the 'Things Never Seen' Mixtape.

SCORIA is the group made up of two artists, Pianist & Multi-Genre Singer-Songwriter Coria RVA & Songwriter-Lyricist Dareel Sco, who showcase instrumental, verbal and vocal talents across a broad array of musical selections. Both father's with full time obligations, they find any free chance to create music in the artist small at home studio in Virginia.

The group SCORIA, formed in late 2014, is slowly becoming a major eye-catcher as they embrace showcases across the Virginia area with plans to travel across the US in 2016. With several works in progress to include the recently finished 'Things Never Seen' mixtape, SCORIA focuses their talents on making hits that touch a plethora of audiences.

Find more info by joining SCORIA on facebook! #scoria @coriarva @dareelsco #coriarva #dareelsco #thingsneverseen #slightwork #kissmychords #grammyamplifier #getamplified

*Music Video: 'Hey Lady' by Scoria from 'Things Never Seen' Mixtape.

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