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Christy Baker
Nashville, TN
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Nashville, TN

Christy Baker was born in Elizabeth City, North Carolina, grew up on North Carolina’s Outer Banks, and moved to Murfreesboro, TN, to further her music career three years ago. She has worked at Belk on the Outer Banks and in Murfreesboro. Her parting gift from her co-workers was a ring, which is her good-luck charm. Her love is country music and she writes all her own music accompanied by Bo Cook. After many years of abuse and other difficulties, she writes passionately about the things of which she deeply cares and hopes to help others as she travels the road to success. During her childhood, at the age of only three she spent many hours listening to music such as that of Elvis Presley and John Cougar . She spent long hours daydreaming about entertaining. When she was only nine years old she sat up in the front seat of her car and told herparents Larry and Dixie Harrell, she was gonna be a country music star. Only three years later her parents divorced , she moved to live with her Mother and Grandmother Beaulah May Godfreywhich had a lifelong dream of being a country singer but inspired Christy to pursue this upon her Mother remarrying she moved to the Outer Banks at the age of fifteen attended Manteo High School and performed in choir events for her school. In her senoir year , she was in a talent contest the song she picked to perform solo was HEART “These Dreams”.After High School she married and had a child this marriage ended in divorce and she remarried and had two more children and this too ended in divorce due to domestic violence.While raising three children on her own and working at Belk department store she decided to move to Tennessee to pursue her music career over the course of pursuing this she has been through three guitar players other than Bo Cook none of which proved to be a perfect match for her style of music. About to give up and return home Bo Cook came into her life through a mutual friend and the rest is history they have been working together every since making original music and trying to help victims of spousal abuse by aspiring to start a center to help abused women and children learn to cope with there feelings by writing them down and they will teach them how to write songs. Just a dream now but they believe the center will someday be a reality with God’s help

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