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Brooklyn, NY
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Brooklyn, NY
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* Radio in Chi, Den, Hon, Mob, L.A., S.F., Music Choice and SiriusXm
* Features on and and more
* 200k Digital Sales
* Collabs w/ Tony Touch, Pitbull, The Beatnuts, NBA Player I. Shumpert, Frankie Negron, Cypress Hill.
* Billboard Top 10 Artist/Songwriters.
* Music featured on Showtime original drama series Dexter.
* Videos featured on various platforms.

G.E.D. is a NYC-based music collective. The high energy, genre leaping G.E.D. is made up of artists/songwriters, composers and producers. They've had musical successes individually - from reaching the top of the Billboard charts to receiving a grant from Bronx Council of the Arts - and have something unique to contribute. Not unlike the high-school equivalent degree, G.E.D. approaches success from a non-traditional angle. G.E.D is committed to the true aim of music: to evoke emotion and transport the listener to another place and time.

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